Modafinil is a drug sold as provigil prescription by name. The drug is manufactured from India and has many uses majorly used to treat extreme conditions of sleepiness and especially long sleeps during the day. Such conditions could be resulting form narcolepsy among other sleeping disorders like sleep apnea whereby an individual stops breathing while asleep. The drug also helps users remain awake as they work in cases where the working schedule interrupts normal sleeping hours. The drug works not by curing the disorder but works through holding that sleep and treating tiredness which could be leading to the long sleep hours.

There are some good stores from where one can purchase the modafinil from their homes online and await shipment. The buying is easy but just like any other online purchase; care must be taken to buy good quality prescription. Modafinil is manufactured in India by only two companies namely; Sun Pharma and HAB Pharma. Quality of the prescription therefore cannot be compromised and so what is more to watch is the reliability and reputation of seller not the product since all pills shipped are from either of those companies.

Some of the top stores to purchase modafinil from include:


This is not a long time store but it has proved one of the most reliable sellers from its quick adoption and growth. Their growth is well lead and it defines how things need to be done right. It is easy ti access their support service and it takes quite good and fast care of customers in need. They do worldwide free shipping with tracking of the product and all these are available within twenty four hours after placing your order. If the product gets seized or lost during shipping, 100% guaranteed refund is made. There prices are too low and also aggressive. The methods of payment are as many ranging from gift cards, crypto currencies, e-Checks to MasterCard and Visa cards.


For residents of US, this is the best store to go for as also it only serves residents of the US. After placing an order, it’s dispatched two hours from ordering time and it is delivered within 7 days in that same discreet packaging. In case the product does not get to the owner, a full refund or reship is done. Their options of making payments include; Bit coin, MasterCard, Visa card and e-Check.

AfinilExpress Although their website is not one of the bets, the store offers excellent services to customers. It was among the first stores to sell the drug. They ship globally and the shipping is always free. You can make payments via credit cards, debit cards, MasterCard and Visa cards. You can as well use Bit coin and eran yourself 20% discount of order made.